“The immensely creative experience of art rises from within. Somewhere along my architectural explorations the lines between arts diffused and I saw beautiful overlaps lending shades of a new amalgam to creativity.  All arts share their auras now and they draw energy from each other.” – Anita

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Anita Kulkarni

With a Bachelor’s in Architecture (Bombay University-India, 1983), a Master’s in Landscape Architecture (University of Massachusetts, MA-USA, 1987) and long musical training under eminent music personalities of India, Anita sees Art as a language, a powerful aesthetic expression to convey a holistic message. In her faith, Art is the connection with the divine, and Art will alleviate the pain, the unrest around us.

Anita’s artistic work gets its signature visual vantage from her Design background. Her style evolved through a body of prolific work over two decades through books, art shows, performances, CD’s, dance-music productions and workshops, where language, musical nuance, dance aesthetics and fine elements from World traditions tastefully come together to build a new sense. Among her noted projects are ‘Gandhaar’ (Music Appreciation workshop), ‘Panorama’ (the music-dance stage show) and ‘Arts of India’ (in partnership with the Taubman Museum of Art, Roanoke, VA). Her new production “Meet Me on the Meadow”, a Musical, is designed for World audiences as an audio-visual marvel in multi-media. Anita founded Renu – The Foundation for Arts. Renu is the umbrella that organizes her creative work, executed through solo as well as collaborative efforts. Anita is based in Princeton, NJ-USA and splits her time between India and the USA.