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  • Harmony with Nature, Harmony with Self | The Magic of Music


    It was a random morning, about ten years ago. We had moved to a new place within the United States, an unknown town, with no past there, or friends. But music, my soul companion assured to keep loneliness and boredom at bay.

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  • The Renu Genesis l Inspirations

    renu foundation for arts

    In a most beautiful verse poet Rumi says, “What you seek, seeks you!” The surroundings must have been blissfully conducive, the artist-at-heart and a devout art-lover, I was witness and an observer in various artistic processes in my growing up years and after.

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  • The Renu Genesis l Audience Development

    renu foundation for arts

    It was a Sunday and the venue was Toyota Arena in Downtown Houston where a high-flying Bollywood musician was scheduled to present his New Age music. The show was making waves among audiences across the globe. 

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